Brave heart

I went to the land of time today, 
And for the things i saw i have myself to blame, 
I visited the aile of pain and shame, and ignited in me was my former self, a fragile little girl that didn’t have direction and was too young to have aim. Maturity was forced on me, i was forced to grow up too fast that at five i was sixteen, and now that I’m actually sixteen the land of time feels like a thousand years that I’ve lived,
And i have scars on my heart to prove it, but you have to be brave if you want to see it.

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Growing up

I’m still locked away, I’m still in a thorny cage, I’m condemned to uncertainties, I’m the definition of discrepancies, sweet and sour, a happy sorrow.
I act like I’m free to roam, i act like I’ve grown, but I’m still that little baby who hasnt learnt to speak, who weeps at everything that shadows her tiny crib, dont be mistaken I’m clueless as can be.
I dont know me, only when i know then i may be free, i stay here still as a stone, not moving so the thorns wont go through my fragile bones.
I want to study my heart, but I’m scared of what I’ll find, will i hate the fact that its really mine, but i know theres time for everything, and a time would come when I shall break free of this cage i find comfort in, I’ll do what ever it takes, even if thorns have to pass through me.

This poem is about growing up, finding my self, a wise man once said that you acquire new behaviors as you grow up, its a form of adaptation i guess, but to be honest I’m not ready to face that yet to face growing up, but i am being forced to face it and i know its a phase that some people go through, I’m still going through mine lol, i hope its all sorted out before i turn seventeen.

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Under pressure

Feminism can be traced back to one foundation, one question which is why men are more valued in the society compared to women, it has very simple answers for example its about what we are put under pressure to be; And so the other day i was watching downtown abbey and there was a huge difference between what women and men were pressured to be and do in the early twenties and to be honest, i don’t think anything has changed at all, women were placed in the house expected to be good mothers and the ones that were not married yet were pressured to look pretty, dress pretty and get married and we still see that today, in countries like Nigeria women are still expected to do this i.e know how to cook, be good house keepers, in fact we are pressured to do this, and it is the same in every continent, ask yourself this question, why do i want to loose weight? , why am i so concerned about what i wear? , and i know some may answer in thier heads that its all about confidence and in some cases some may want to loose weight for health issues, but trust me other than that the latter and the former its just because the society pressures us to look a certain way, to be pretty, i was reading cosmopolitan the other day and all i saw was : get lucy hales perfect cat eye, how to copy kylie jenners look, makeup for less… and so on, and things like this make me wonder if this is all the society think women should be doing, I’m sure all these things would change if we are treated like men by the society, by our parents, we should be pressured to be ambitious to be successful to be something, to be useful, and women should also pressure women to do these things, until we do something about the societies psychology, sexism would not stop, but lets try, not to say things like “oh you’ve added weight” when we see our friends but say things like “where do you work now, how far are you in terms of school”; little things like this chnage the way people think and the way they see women.

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