With you.

There is peace here.

The music is like the sound of many waters; but it is still here.

The wind blows loud like a trumpets sound, but my hearing is clear.

The fire scorches but it is scorn to my fear –
Even death is rest here.

Psalm °°

Yours is the purest of smiles,
Your countenance like sunrise; beaming, saying to me “Yes! you are my elect and blessed child

Lord you are My love and my literal life.

The Boy and The Ocean

One day a little boy built a glass house floating in the sea, with a ladder and without a lid; The ladder for when he needs water and and the lack of a lid for the sea breeze to keep him warm in summer.

He lives in wonder of the house he’s built and buries his head in glass house mantainace books, he has it perfected; His house will be carried by the ease of the ocean, and will keep the lid open for the sea air as he needs to live.

The very ocean has wonders but that’s a ‘lie’ he doesn’t buy;

“Oh its full of sharks! It’s not even blue! Its safety is an illusion the ocean will drown you”! He cries “Every one needs a glass house, we aren’t made to be sea animals, we need the ocean only in part and she knows that, don’t trouble your mind.” But I don’t comprehend him he lives in a glass house floating in an ocean I’ve become.


I pray your thoughts find peace in a place of sense,

And the strokes of your pen like magic dance with grace,

A poem for each thought,

A story per season,

A dance for no reason,

And a song for a lover who wouldn’t listen,

May your song be guidance to him, singing ‘Grace! Grace! Peace be to him’.


As he speaks, his lips part slightly as though they were hiding his words from me,

His words reach me, but barely, although gently,

Like the wind, they brush through my ears, swiftly but calmly,

He’s whispering.

I stare in anticipation of his next words, i stare to grab the knowledge i couldn’t get before,

His lips part again, about to speak, but this time I’m tracing the letters in the air, as though i could see the vibrations that birthed them,


“Moyo, stop looking at them, you will see me,

Stop listening to the wind, you can hear me.”