In love

From a song to a twirl in your arms;

We’re dancing now;

to grace,

to faith –

In love,

Our hearts as one.

December’s song.

Don’t worry my dear one your losses are lessons learnt.

Every burn a scar to grace,
Consider them;
Every tear that detoxed.
Meditate on how far you have come,
Bend a knee to give thanks for the
Evergreen season that is come, and
Remember you’re not alone.

God authors your story! Stick with him, Go to him, He is God Most High full of glory!👥

The Refiner

Burn me beautiful,

Burn me lovely,

Burn me righteous,

Burn me holy.

Brand me with your name and I’ll be marked forever.

Let there be light

By Chandler Moore and Steffany Gretzinger


I see roots of evergreen cypress trees floating within the clouds, as ocean waves break into floods. The floods find rest where i lay compressing my head into an array of darkness, while the cypress floats above it all like an evergreen water body graceful in its launch,

I consider the floods to the death;

A tragedy.


I pray your thoughts find peace in a place of sense,

And the strokes of your pen like magic dance with grace,

A poem for each thought,

A story per season,

A dance for no reason,

And a song for a lover who wouldn’t listen,

May your song be guidance to him, singing ‘Grace! Grace! Peace be to him’.