With you.

There is peace here.

The music is like the sound of many waters; but it is still here.

The wind blows loud like a trumpets sound, but my hearing is clear.

The fire scorches but it is scorn to my fear –
Even death is rest here.

The Refiner

Burn me beautiful,

Burn me lovely,

Burn me righteous,

Burn me holy.

Brand me with your name and I’ll be marked forever.

Let there be light

By Chandler Moore and Steffany Gretzinger


I pray your thoughts find peace in a place of sense,

And the strokes of your pen like magic dance with grace,

A poem for each thought,

A story per season,

A dance for no reason,

And a song for a lover who wouldn’t listen,

May your song be guidance to him, singing ‘Grace! Grace! Peace be to him’.

Good morning child.

Just smile and hold God’s hand,

Don’t lose hope this morning,
Take his hand, keep his words to heart.

He is the sun you need, in you there’s a living spring
You’re God’s child so drink.

Do not be discouraged by your lukewarmness,
Why do you think he has baptised you with His spirit and fire!

In you a hunger dwells, cry out! cry now! Ask for help,
Be loud and clear God is always here.