December’s song.

Don’t worry my dear one your losses are lessons learnt.

Every burn a scar to grace,
Consider them;
Every tear that detoxed.
Meditate on how far you have come,
Bend a knee to give thanks for the
Evergreen season that is come, and
Remember you’re not alone.

God authors your story! Stick with him, Go to him, He is God Most High full of glory!👥

The Refiner

Burn me beautiful,

Burn me lovely,

Burn me righteous,

Burn me holy.

Brand me with your name and I’ll be marked forever.

Let there be light

By Chandler Moore and Steffany Gretzinger

Don’t stop 

Don’t stop gazing on the sun of righteousness until you’re blinded by His love,
Keep drowning in His sea of grace until it floods your soul,
Keep immersing your self in his Word until it seeps in your flesh and becomes one with your bones.


I still remember him,

What he looked like, how he smiled,

His eyes, I remember everything.

I still hear his words, everything he said,

The way his laugh sounded like drizzling rain,

The perfection of it all; I remember like it was yesterday.

I remember the first time I realized, the mockery of it all,

How his eyes, smile, and laughter, mocked me,

How he ran, so I could chase him,

How he hid, so I could seek him,

How he didn’t remember me, when I found him.

The happy place

There is a place I love to go when I’m thinking, that moment in my mind where everything was perfect, where everything was okay. 

It isn’t an atmosphere where every feeling colors blue, 

Every one is happy, but not like La la land, with dancing shoes, 

Its a real place, I know it is. 

In my head I try to find it, 5,6,7,8…. Years of age but still, nothing, every memory in me, has me wanting something, lacking something, there hasn’t been a perfect moment, nor me. 

I’ll start from 5.

In a pink dress, without color in the dark, I walked into his room, 

“she’s calling you my mom, she’s calling you”, silence. 

I couldn’t see his face, it was blackness everywhere, 

Maybe I shouldn’t complete this story, as long as it has been, its still traumatizing, 

It’s a beginning, I shouldn’t revisit. 

Little girl 

Little girl look how much you’ve changed; 

Happy and free;
With a conscience and strong faith.
Little girl look how big you’ve grown
A heart of gold;
An art of letting go.
Little girl; Woe be unto the parts of you that makes foes.
a heart that still hasn’t learnt how to love unconditionally.
A potty mouth that won’t stop running.
Little girl; stop hiding your beauty,
I know you want people to see the beauty within; but owning that beauty will set you free.
Be confident; be strong.
And ever young.