With you.

There is peace here.

The music is like the sound of many waters; but it is still here.

The wind blows loud like a trumpets sound, but my hearing is clear.

The fire scorches but it is scorn to my fear –
Even death is rest here.

Psalm °°

Yours is the purest of smiles,
Your countenance like sunrise; beaming, saying to me “Yes! you are my elect and blessed child

Lord you are My love and my literal life.

December’s song.

Don’t worry my dear one your losses are lessons learnt.

Every burn a scar to grace,
Consider them;
Every tear that detoxed.
Meditate on how far you have come,
Bend a knee to give thanks for the
Evergreen season that is come, and
Remember you’re not alone.

God authors your story! Stick with him, Go to him, He is God Most High full of glory!👥