Love {Haiku}

Love me today

Love me tomorrow,

And when days turn into years

Love me still.

The Refiner

Burn me beautiful,

Burn me lovely,

Burn me righteous,

Burn me holy.

Brand me with your name and I’ll be marked forever.

Let there be light

By Chandler Moore and Steffany Gretzinger

The Boy and The Ocean

One day a little boy built a glass house floating in the sea, with a ladder and without a lid; The ladder for when he needs water and and the lack of a lid for the sea breeze to keep him warm in summer.

He lives in wonder of the house he’s built and buries his head in glass house mantainace books, he has it perfected; His house will be carried by the ease of the ocean, and will keep the lid open for the sea air as he needs to live.

The very ocean has wonders but that’s a ‘lie’ he doesn’t buy;

“Oh its full of sharks! It’s not even blue! Its safety is an illusion the ocean will drown you”! He cries “Every one needs a glass house, we aren’t made to be sea animals, we need the ocean only in part and she knows that, don’t trouble your mind.” But I don’t comprehend him he lives in a glass house floating in an ocean I’ve become.

Don’t stop 

Don’t stop gazing on the sun of righteousness until you’re blinded by His love,
Keep drowning in His sea of grace until it floods your soul,
Keep immersing your self in his Word until it seeps in your flesh and becomes one with your bones.


First, I’ll like to offer help through these; PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT, DON’T LET THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD WIN. (you can copy the links and open them in your browser).

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My Testimony;


Well, I’ve been for almost two years now, but I’ve been hiding my faith from wordpress. 

God is what makes me the happiest, To find someone who’ll love you, when you don’t love you, when no one cares enough to love you, is priceless, and literally his love is priceless !

That’s the most amazing part, its all been paid for by Jesus Christ. Anytime you’ve done something or thought about something that makes you feel less, guilty or shamefull, just know that he doesn’t judge nor condemn, why? Because all that shame was ALREADY put on him, all the embarrassment, all the pain that sin brings, was already crucified with him, so when you feel that way, just put them on him, they’ve died with him, and remember he rose again without that pain, shame and sin, so that’s why the his word says ;

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he  is  a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

II Corinthians 5:17 NKJV

 And if you’ve read my posts, you’ll know that  they’re inspired by depression, anxiety, rejection  and insecurities, things that led me to suicidal thoughts and isolation, so today when I wrote a throwback poem, I was reminded of how dark my past was and how THE DEVIL ISN’T WORTH WRITING ABOUT, so from now on, I won’t write anything that isn’t inspired by the spirit of the Lord that dwells in me, BY HIS GRACE ALONE. I love you all for the encouragement and actually appreciating my work, because honestly that did more than you know to help me through those times, you made me know that I wasn’t alone and that I wasn’t strange because of all the things I’d been through, but now I know that even POETRY DOESN’T DEFINE ME. 

To end this post, people may say Christianity isnt realistic, but honestly I’ve tried realistic and it led to depression, anxiety, insecurities and more, because I DIDN’T KNOW WHO I WAS, but when I found my definition in Christ, along came joy, peace, and love, and this things are more real than anything I can see.

So to end this, again. I have hidden God for too long and this post is just a declaration of who I am now….. A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST.