The Refiner

Burn me beautiful,

Burn me lovely,

Burn me righteous,

Burn me holy.

Brand me with your name and I’ll be marked forever.

Let there be light

By Chandler Moore and Steffany Gretzinger

Don’t stop 

Don’t stop gazing on the sun of righteousness until you’re blinded by His love,
Keep drowning in His sea of grace until it floods your soul,
Keep immersing your self in his Word until it seeps in your flesh and becomes one with your bones.


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My Testimony;


Well, I’ve been for almost two years now, but I’ve been hiding my faith from wordpress. 

God is what makes me the happiest, To find someone who’ll love you, when you don’t love you, when no one cares enough to love you, is priceless, and literally his love is priceless !

That’s the most amazing part, its all been paid for by Jesus Christ. Anytime you’ve done something or thought about something that makes you feel less, guilty or shamefull, just know that he doesn’t judge nor condemn, why? Because all that shame was ALREADY put on him, all the embarrassment, all the pain that sin brings, was already crucified with him, so when you feel that way, just put them on him, they’ve died with him, and remember he rose again without that pain, shame and sin, so that’s why the his word says ;

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he  is  a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

II Corinthians 5:17 NKJV

 And if you’ve read my posts, you’ll know that  they’re inspired by depression, anxiety, rejection  and insecurities, things that led me to suicidal thoughts and isolation, so today when I wrote a throwback poem, I was reminded of how dark my past was and how THE DEVIL ISN’T WORTH WRITING ABOUT, so from now on, I won’t write anything that isn’t inspired by the spirit of the Lord that dwells in me, BY HIS GRACE ALONE. I love you all for the encouragement and actually appreciating my work, because honestly that did more than you know to help me through those times, you made me know that I wasn’t alone and that I wasn’t strange because of all the things I’d been through, but now I know that even POETRY DOESN’T DEFINE ME. 

To end this post, people may say Christianity isnt realistic, but honestly I’ve tried realistic and it led to depression, anxiety, insecurities and more, because I DIDN’T KNOW WHO I WAS, but when I found my definition in Christ, along came joy, peace, and love, and this things are more real than anything I can see.

So to end this, again. I have hidden God for too long and this post is just a declaration of who I am now….. A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST. 


Your words hurt me

They break my heart, they tear my skin
Its hard to be weak, but I’m in so deep.
They make me feel like less of me.
A thin me, different from a thick me
Prettier, confident, with a thick skin
How ironic,
A thin me; a pretty package,
A normal me; the right female.
You make me want to change, your words force me to change.
But when I put in efforts I’ll hide them from you, Its worse when you know your words made me admit to being wrongly beautiful.
If we lived in a world where we were allowed to write on our skin. I’d capitalize on my face, “Do not comment on me”. 

My body

She called me fat again


She questioned why i looked a way different from the normal way
What she doesn’t know is I’ve heard it before, what she doesn’t know is she is blinded by what society sees
I am a woman, i look like a woman
The people that ask me to change the way i look are the kind of people i have no interest in.
I am perfect, i am beautiful,
Inside and out.

-Inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi and Naomi Wolff

Don’t blame the victim

Today, I was surfing the internet, And i came across a very disturbing statement, and I’d love to give my point of view on the subject, The statement, being the statistics of some sort of research, blamed rape and sexual harrasement on; the clothes worn by the victim, television, and the victims body language. Seeing something like this out there, the fact that some people actually blame the victims involved in situations is just another sign that this world is having a serious midlife crisis, need i remind you that everyone is responsible to how they react to a situation, For example, A girl in a short skirt, has evey right to wear what shes wearing, but you are accountable for how you react to what shes wearing, if you are stupid, with zero humanity and morals, you decide to rape her, its your fault, and not that girls fault, please stop blaming the victim, do you know what kind of trauma people in these situations experience? Its damaging, and i should know, because I’ve experienced it first hand, the poem i published recently on this blog was one of the effects, and being a child, was it even my fault that something like that had to happen?  I
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Under pressure

Feminism can be traced back to one foundation, one question which is why men are more valued in the society compared to women, it has very simple answers for example its about what we are put under pressure to be; And so the other day i was watching downtown abbey and there was a huge difference between what women and men were pressured to be and do in the early twenties and to be honest, i don’t think anything has changed at all, women were placed in the house expected to be good mothers and the ones that were not married yet were pressured to look pretty, dress pretty and get married and we still see that today, in countries like Nigeria women are still expected to do this i.e know how to cook, be good house keepers, in fact we are pressured to do this, and it is the same in every continent, ask yourself this question, why do i want to loose weight? , why am i so concerned about what i wear? , and i know some may answer in thier heads that its all about confidence and in some cases some may want to loose weight for health issues, but trust me other than that the latter and the former its just because the society pressures us to look a certain way, to be pretty, i was reading cosmopolitan the other day and all i saw was : get lucy hales perfect cat eye, how to copy kylie jenners look, makeup for less… and so on, and things like this make me wonder if this is all the society think women should be doing, I’m sure all these things would change if we are treated like men by the society, by our parents, we should be pressured to be ambitious to be successful to be something, to be useful, and women should also pressure women to do these things, until we do something about the societies psychology, sexism would not stop, but lets try, not to say things like “oh you’ve added weight” when we see our friends but say things like “where do you work now, how far are you in terms of school”; little things like this chnage the way people think and the way they see women.

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