To love

Like flowers blooming in spring-
Your love is hard to miss;
It’s colourful and fragrant like vineyard seeds
And like wine intoxicates me

Like clouds at night my heart is but a shadow of itself,
Like clouds in the heat of sun my heart is bluer than oceanic depth,
It longs for you
It misses you.

I cannot go on without your beauty
Like a bee in lust for honey,
And root desperate for soil to grow in
I won’t go on without it
I come undone before thee.

Christmas In my house.

It’s Christmas in my house,
The women bend and break their backs to feed the mouths of angry men who only spew insults back.

It’s Christmas in my house,
The women wake up early to feed the stomachs of men in a bid to get to their hearts-

hearts already hardened by hate to give nothing back.

Merry Christmas

Peace will come

A dozen stars twinkle in unison amid clouds darker than hope-
birthing twilight in my weary heart.
They shine to lead us to a moon, that stands only as shadow to the Sun,
Morning will come.

Pray for Nigeria, pray for Congo, pray for Africa. African countries are bleeding. We need you.