Blood runs through my veins,
But if the lines of a book never crossed my eyes, or the edges of something sharp had never cut me like a knife, i wouldn’t know it did,

Blood vessels line the beds under my skin, every layer from thick to thin,
But even if I was a sheltered woman or, I’d never taken a fall,
As a woman, I’d see it before thirteen.
My blood sustains me, carries oxygen,
Disposes my toxins, supports my healing and my heart’s beating.

If this bloody condition has taught me anything,
Is because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there,
Because it doesn’t spill doesn’t mean it isn’t moving.

The blood of Jesus has provided us with His life and abundant grace,
I read about this in his word but didn’t understand it,
Then I fell a million times, bruised and battered, and beheld him, Oh the wondrous beauty….
He supports our healing,
Hopefully we don’t wait until we have a leukemic heart condition, before realizing how much we need Him.
But even if, he’ll be there to heal us.
He becomes the marrow.



As he speaks, his lips part slightly as though they were hiding his words from me,

His words reach me, but barely, although gently,

Like the wind, they brush through my ears, swiftly but calmly,

He’s whispering.

I stare in anticipation of his next words, i stare to grab the knowledge i couldn’t get before,

His lips part again, about to speak, but this time I’m tracing the letters in the air, as though i could see the vibrations that birthed them,


“Moyo, stop looking at them, you will see me,

Stop listening to the wind, you can hear me.”

Good morning child.

Just smile and hold God’s hand,

Don’t lose hope this morning,
Take his hand, keep his words to heart.

He is the sun you need, in you there’s a living spring
You’re God’s child so drink.

Do not be discouraged by your lukewarmness,
Why do you think he has baptised you with His spirit and fire!

In you a hunger dwells, cry out! cry now! Ask for help,
Be loud and clear God is always here.

Don’t stop 

Don’t stop gazing on the sun of righteousness until you’re blinded by His love,
Keep drowning in His sea of grace until it floods your soul,
Keep immersing your self in his Word until it seeps in your flesh and becomes one with your bones.