Vulnerable I am, vulnerable I shall be,
Scared I was born, scared I shall dwell.

I’m born with emotions that give me sleepless nights, when I discover that all my efforts are a waste of time. Vulnerable I am.

In the depths of my heart- I fear all of my kindness is taken for granted. I’m vulnerable.

I make friends amongst vipers, I do not know when they shall strike, vulnerable i am.

I take down my walls because I think I have found love and the one, only to realise that I’m naked. I’m vulnerable.

I’m complimented by the opposite sex because they know it gets to me so I’m vulnerable.

These are the battles I face everyday; I struggle to sleep with…, struggle to wake up to.. struggle to eat…, struggle to be in shape and in health for…., struggle to dress and slay for…., struggle to learn so that…, struggle to forget that…, struggle to trust in…, struggle to believe that….
I’m vulnerable

I walk on the street at night and the slightest breeze that blows or the slightest sound I hear terrifies me. I’m vulnerable

In the midst of my hardened heart, I know that I’m as vulnerable as a house without a fence

And as I know I can never judge the hearts and intentions of men- i remain vulnerable.

I realise that my greatest joy could be an even greater pain. I’m vulnerable

Weakness doesn’t make me vulnerable but the realization that all I came to this world with works to prepare me for the definite defeat at the end. Death

And so form birth to death I know I shall fight and win the many battles, but loose the untimely war.

I’m the most VULNERABLE of all men🤦🏽‍♂️

Written by my dear friend Amarachi AJ

December’s song.

Don’t worry my dear one your losses are lessons learnt.

Every burn a scar to grace,
Consider them;
Every tear that detoxed.
Meditate on how far you have come,
Bend a knee to give thanks for the
Evergreen season that is come, and
Remember you’re not alone.

God authors your story! Stick with him, Go to him, He is God Most High full of glory!👥